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Whitewater Rafting Equipment

We Provide:

  • All meals beginning with lunch the first day, ending with lunch the last day of the trip

  • Coast Guard-approved white water life jackets

  • Farmer John wet suits (if necessary)

  • Splash jackets/pants

  • Tents (4-man tent for each 2 guests) and ground tarps

  • Freshly laundered sleeping bags

  • Deluxe sleeping pads

  • Camp chairs

  • Waterproof gear bags, pack size is 13.5"x26"

  • Waterproof day bag. Size 10"x17"

  • Waterproof storage for camera gear

  • First aid supplies

  • Toilet paper and comfortable facilities

  • Eating utensils (cups, silver, plates)

  • Plenty of ice for beverages

  • Experienced and licensed river guides

Whitewater Rafting Equipment

YOU should bring:

  • Nylon shorts and/or swimming suit

  • T-shirts

  • Nylon wind shirt/jacket

  • Rain jacket and pants (can also be used as wind gear)

IMPORTANT: We recommend QUALITY rain gear

(Daytime temperatures can reach the 90s while nights can be cool. Showers can bring cooler daytime temperatures)

  • Camp shoes, lightweight (athletic or deck shoes)

  • River shoes/sneakers (Hi Top Chuck Taylors strongly recommended or sandals with heel straps)

  • Wool or polypropylene gloves/mittens and socks

What to Bring Whitewater Rafting
  • Cap or visor for sun protection

  • Jacket (pile or polar fleece); pile or polar fleece pants are optional

NOTE: Wool, polypro, pile, and fleece items are important as they provide warmth when wet. Wet cotton fabrics drain heat from the body, and should not be substituted for these items.

  • Headlamp or small flashlight

  • Pillowcase from home - you can stuff this with pile clothing to make a comfy pillow

  • Plastic water bottle for drinking water at night or on hikes

  • Towel, soap, and toiletry items; travel pack of Handiwipes (all soap above high water line)

  • Waterproof sunscreen and sunscreen lip balm

  • Sunglasses with straps

  • Fishing gear

  • Camera

  • Your favorite beverages (canned or plastic containers only!)



The weather is impossible to predict. You may not need to use all of the gear listed here, but we recommend bringing it all.

Plan to "layer" for maximum comfort. On the rafts, guides typically wear nylon shorts, T-shirt, cap, and sandals or tennis shoes, with rain gear and Capilene underwear, etc. handy in one of our day bags in case of a shower or if the weather becomes cool.

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